Our Mission


Cancer, a disease that inevitably alters the lives in our society by the stronghold it has on the body and the heart of many.  A parasite that lurks and cannot be avoided, attempting to extract the hope of all things in life from the person and their loved ones.  The news that you have been attacked by this parasite called cancer is an indescribable feeling of numbness as these suffocating words strip away dreams of the life you planned to live.  There are choices, none desirable or empowering, such as chemotherapy and radiation which are known to take a significant toll on the body and mind.  But with choice, comes consequence.  The bravery from embracing these hopeful treatments comes with stress, life changes, financial struggles, and uncontrollable fear. How do you weigh the choice, to fight to live, or live to fight against the unknown that comes with the battle against cancer? Our family lived this journey along with our courageous father who was finally eternally healed from this deadly disease.  It was a journey of hurt, sadness, fear, hope, struggle, and defeat.  We know the fight is tough, and although we do not have control of the disease, we have joined together to assist others who are on this journey to provide hope and support through their battle.  With your monetary donations, we hope to alleviate the added stresses and hardships these families face.  You could be the reason a family gets to continue treatment, keep their home, car, or simply be able to have gas for transport or a meal to eat.  Help us LET THEM LIVE by donating to support, strengthen, and supply hope to those who deserve to feel some form of peace over the battle of cancer.