Why Donate?

100% of all donations within the first year will be given to the fight against cancer. Our team at the Let Me Live Foundation has been generous enough to pay out of pocket for the initial costs in order to get this foundation up and running. From there, 90% of all donations will be given to those in need, and 10% will be used to cover any costs the foundation may have whether it may be putting on a golf tournament, etc. We know the fight is tough, and although we do not have control of the disease, we have joined together to assist others who are on this journey to provide hope and support through their battle.  With your monetary donations, we hope to alleviate the added stresses and hardships these families face.  You could be the reason a family gets to continue treatment, keep their home, car, or simply be able to have gas for transport or a meal to eat.  Help us LET THEM LIVE by donating to support, strengthen, and supply hope to those who deserve to feel some form of peace over the battle of cancer.

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